Nely’s School of is offering rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, strength and flexibility classes for girls of all ages from beginner to elite. Our school is located in Lexington and Belmont. We offer team and recreational classes at both locations.

our story

Nely’s method

Nely Bobrischew has developed a unique way to train her athletes in Rhythmic Gymnastics. After 18 years of working with Rhythmic Dreams and raising many national champions and national team members, Nely has opened her own Elite School located in the towns of Belmont and Lexington, MA. Her program extends online and caters to athletes all over the world.

Joining Nely’s School means joining a team of professional coaches, dedicated staff and exceptional quality. Our school promotes a healthy environment for athletes and encourages athletes to reach their maximum potential in the sport and in life.

Over the years Nely has coaches many girls who were part of the US National team and represented team USA in international events. Ada Moisescu earned a spot on the US National Team in 2006 and was Nely’s first athlete to reach this level. Since than many girls reached level 10 and Elite status and 3 more athletes earned spots on the US National Team. Elektra Markogianakis 2011-2012, Mya Tam 2019 -2020 and Gemma Gow 2020-2022.

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